Music for King James IV

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in a project at The University of Edinburgh, recreating a virtual reality reconstruction of Linlithgow Palace Chapel in the year 1512. This project has been discussed in my previous blog posts – My work at The University of Edinburgh, This is the future…you need to tell people about this!, Testing VR Spatialization Plugins. Not only was the visuals reconstructed but the acoustics of the space was also reconstructed so we could hear the space as it would have sounded to King James IV when he was in residence.

I generated something called an impulse response, capturing the acoustic properties of a particular point within the space, which then allowed us to superimpose this onto any sounds. Working with The Binchois Consort, authentic music of the time was recorded within an anechoic chamber (a room with minimal acoustic characteristics) and the historic impulse response added. After an initial prototype, which will form part of a tourist attraction at the location, they decided to record an album. This video documents this project and the making of the album.


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