Lights, camera… Action sound effects pack!


Intelligent sound engineering

Procedural audio refers to the real-time generation of sounds that can adapt to changing input parameters. In its pure form, no recorded samples are stored, sounds are generated from ‘scratch’. This has huge benefits for game audio and VR, since very little memory is required, and sound generation can be controlled by the game or virtual environment.
Nemisindo (the Zulu word for ‘sound effects’) is a spin-out company from our research group, offering sound design services based around procedural audio technology. Previously, we blogged about Nemisindo’s first procedural audio plugin for the Unreal game engine, the Action Pack. Since then we have released an adaptive footsteps plugin for Unreal too. But today I’ll give you more detail on the Action Pack, now available for both Unreal and Unity.

Here’s a video all about the Action Pack for Unity;

The Action Pack contains 11 different procedural audio models, all based atleast…

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