I am an engineer/ computer scientist, who is really a musician at heart. I love playing guitar and singing, either with my current band or just on my own and feel extremely lucky to be able to apply my creative energy into my current studies.. My main research interest is currently focused sound synthesis, specifically Procedural Audio for games, film and television.

I completed an MSc in Digital Music Processing at Queen Mary University of London, between 2008 and 2011 on a part-time basis while living and working as a rural Police Officer in Scotland. During this time I created an interactive mixing system using a Wii controller as an interface and this research was published as part of the AES 130th London Conference. On completing the Masters I wished to further my academic studies and in 2013 enrolled on the Media & Arts Technology PhD Programme at Queen Mary University of London.

While on the MAT Programme I have completed a number of projects, on my own or as part of a team of researchers. These are described in more detail on the projects page. These have diverse and extremely rewarding. The highlight of joining the programme is being able to mix with a fantastically diverse group of people, all with unique skills and interests.

In 1995 I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in Electronics and Communication Engineering and worked as an Offshore Field Engineer for a couple of years, mostly based in the North Sea. I then studied music for a few years in Leeds and was often found busking Bob Dylan songs at the weekends.

I am and will always remain a keen musician. My passion is mostly for acoustic guitar and singing, although I often play electric too. I also studied classical piano for a number of years and became a Beethoven fan! I have previously written music for a short film produced by SKAMM, had compositions played on national and local radio stations, as well as performing on national television.

In 2014 I completed an internship with the BBC working with their Research and Development team. I designed and carried out subjective testing on motion artefacts, (blur and strobing), within high frame rate video images.

My main PhD supervisor is Dr Joshua Reiss, lead academic in the Audio Engineering Research Team , Centre for Digital Music, at QMUL.  Dr Andrew McPherson is my second supervisor. He specialises in augmented musical instruments and is the lead academic in the Augmented Instruments Laboratory.  My external supervisor is the Jedi Master of sound effects, Dr Andy Farnell. His book Designing Sound, describing a multitude of procedural audio sound effects is known around the world.

Currently I am concluding work around the aeroacoustic sound known as the Aeolian tone, (see blog entry). I have recently finished a study on sword sound effects and developing a digital aeolian harp.

I am due to finish my PhD around Christmas 2017 and ideally would like to find a postdoctoral position. Ideally my wife would like this to be in a country warmer than Scotland!

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