Simpmix – A Simple Mixer

This openFrameWorks project uses data signals (OSC) from an iPad to instantly control a multi-track mix (real-time).  The TouchOSC mixer – Simplex was created using TouchOSC Editor. It is shown below:


The openFrameWorks software loads in the 6 tracks of the multi-track and allows the user to mix them using the iPad. The mixing interface gives control over volume, panning, High EQ, Mid EQ (inc Freq selection) and Low EQ. A master volume has also been given.

The benefits of this system are that it allows novice users to interact with multi-track audio in a simple manner, plus it allows a sound engineer to move through a listening area and adjust the mix accordingly. Further controls can be easily added if desired.

The visual feedback is given as spheres on the display, which vary position in relation to the mix. Each sphere could represent a performer. The display for the settings in the above mixer image is shown below:

OF Display

A video showing the operation of the system is given here:

To compile the code download the file which will contain the required files including README file explaining how to build and run the project. (All audio is copyright of Rod Selfridge.)

All code can be downloaded here >


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